20 June 2007

What is Balance?

I keep hearing the question, “what is balance.” I feel obliged to respond and define this question of balance. Balance is personal state. No two people share the same balance point. Balance is about finding the point where you feel that you can achieve your potential without being torn in a multitude of directions. Balance is where you feel satisfaction. Balance is dynamic. Where your balance point was ten years ago, is probably quite different from where it is now. It is affected by changing priorities, preferences and environments. There are three attributes to balance that are absolutely critical; physical, emotional and spiritual.

We must care for our bodies, as the vessels which carry us through this life. They must be strong and we must treat them with kindness and forgiveness as well as appreciation. This means we are obliged to respecting our physical bodies, and their limitations, by occasionally pampering them and always maintaining them. We should marvel at their resilience and appreciate every mark and scar as it carries our experiences. Personally, I have found yoga to be instrumental in achieving this. I have a greater appreciation and understanding of my own physical as well as spiritual self.

Emotionally, we must find satisfaction in that which we do. We cannot base our goals and our needs on that which our environment imposes upon us. This creates diminished feelings of self and isolation. There are millions of women in this world that we can relate to. The advantage of the internet and other tools is that we can find the individuals that can support and encourage us to strive for excellence in that which feeds our emotional needs. Your ambition might be to run a multinational organization or to be a stay at home mom, or a teacher, or all of the above. Seek like minded individuals who can support you emotionally in your efforts to achieve your ambitions without judgment.

Spiritual balance does not refer to religion. It is being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. When we are spiritually balanced we are able to give our utmost in all areas of our lives. When we care for ourselves, we are open to care for others. When we strong ourselves, we are able to carry others. When we cease to judge ourselves, we cease to judge others. We can achieve our greatest potential when we remove the barriers of judgment. Balance is reflected in our ability to accept and embrace our differences and not let them become barriers to our own success or others.

What is balance? It is a personal state in which we feel strong enough to achieve our greatest potential.

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