29 February 2008

GWIT BRIC Roundtable

Thank you to GWIT and IUG for hosting the fabulous panelists at last night's BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) panel on the World's Future Building Blocks. Jo Butler of UNCTAD provided insight and proficiency as the panels moderator. She reminded us of the challenges and opportunities transitions can bring as we strive to achieve the millennium goals. Mr. Li Enheng of the Permanent Mission of China to the WTO, painted a positive picture of China, balanced more in figures than social impact and consequences. Ms. Nivedita Krishnamurthy AVP-Enterprise Solutions at Infosys spoke of rise of the Indian dream, the importance of social consciousness in FDI and global companies, the problem of literacy rates (especially among women) and depletion of natural resources. Dr. Tania Ramalho, Professor of Education and Women Studies at SUNY-Oswego, presented on Brazil and the importance of improving education to increase access to non-service sector careers for women, and sustainable development. Ms. Nadia Sikorsky, editor in chief of NashaGazeta.ch, a Swiss publication in Russian language, presented a enlightened picture of the importance of journalism not simply for propaganda and PR but for community building and better understanding of home and expat cultures. Thank you for your insight and the opportunity to learn.

26 February 2008

Reality Check

Thank you all for your support and kind notes. My daughter, HannaMaria, is doing fine after getting hit by a car last week. It was a quick reminder of priorities, value of life and love, the resilience of children and the value of friendship and family. She is off to ski school today with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. I appreciate your patience and your understanding as I disappeared in crisis mode for a moment there.

18 February 2008

Madelyn said it best

"I think there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women".
Madelyn Albright

Women Speaking their Peace

Coming across an Iraqi Women oral history project by Laura Hamblin today got me thinking of all the wonderful tales that never get told, or only in limited circulation. Thank you for your efforts Laura. If you know of any other such oral history projects, please let us know about them. I found her interviews interesting and inspiring and gives a human perspective.

14 February 2008

Women Sharing Wisdom: Supporting Women in Leadership

Thank you Maie Ayoub von Kohl, Acting Special Adviser on Gender and Diversity, UNICEF, for hosting the Women Sharing Wisdom: Supporting Women in Leadership Roles workshop in New York. It was a pleasure working with all of you. I hope that you enjoyed the workshop and were inspired to go out and use your newly acquired knowledge. Thank you also to participants from other UN agencies that took the time to join us. I appreciate your feedback and topic suggestions as it helps us adapt the tool to your needs. I look forward to sharing and learning with you all.
Happy Valentine's Day!

13 February 2008

Empowering Women

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Women in Business

Once again I must thank Avivah Wittenburg-Cox for her eloquent way of expressing the communication gap and the impact on women in business. We repeatedly see the signs of ambition and strength in women as leaders. But still there is a great disparity between those who attain the titled leadership role. I would go so far as to make bold conjecture the perhaps many women who lead are not title bearers.

In recent months, I have seen an increasing number of examples of what I would refer to as a shadow leader. The most traditional of these models might be the trailing spouse. She has an immense amount of wisdom, support, talent and ability that she does not outwardly display but us expressed through her partner. I have heard repeatedly that it is not worth giving up their authentic self for the simple action of holding a title. That is not to say that some of us don't enjoy the challenge. I say, whatever finds you the greatest satisfaction you should strive for. I am simply saying that lead in a way that allows you to be your personal best. Whether a shadow leader or a leader on the stage, we should support and appreciate the act of authentic leadership.

05 February 2008

Congratulations WITI

WITI (Women in Technology International), the nation's leading professional organization for tech-savvy women, has been selected to receive the prestigious "Raw Spirit Award" by Women in Broadcast Media. I want to personally congratulate you Carolyn Leighton and your team. WITI was one of the first professional women's organisations that I participated in in the early 90s. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the great work! www.witi.com

04 February 2008

Positive Action Speaks Louder

Indeed we see a disparity in wages, and even simple human rights for women. But please ladies, let us not get negative. By simply expressing anger do we change anything (besides confirming that we to have testosterone running through our bodies). Yes, change needs to happen, but we need to look to the solutions and the positive. Just like raising a child, we accomplish nothing by negative reinforcement but rebellion. We must remember to rise above, do our best and work TOGETHER with men and women alike to create change. We must work with out strengths to lead as stubborn and yet compassionate individuals.

01 February 2008

Arab Women's Day

Today is Arab Women's Day. I want to simply send out my heartfelt support for the wonderful Arab women that I have met over the last few years both professionally and personally. You are an inspiration to us all. I look forward to helping create the bridges between all of us that enforce the bonds in our similarities, not our differences. Together we can make the world a better place for future generations.