26 June 2007

Vision of Empowering Women Globally

Coming closer to accomplishing our vision of empowering women globally to achieve personal balance through shared wisdom is driving me forward. Each step has reinforced my belief that not only is it necessary, but also that it will have an impact far beyond the individual. Developing partnerships further into both the developing and the developed world will create a bridge connecting women without precedence.

As we all become more global in our movements and thoughts, whether they are brief (business trips or pleasure travel) or more extended (relocation or expatriate assignments) we all benefit from connecting to the local resources both at home and away. Success or failure in these movements can often be defined by a single event or connection. We aim to empower women to find the connections they need for success as individuals, as partners, as professionals and as leaders.

Women are constantly required to reinvent themselves to support multifaceted lives; careers, relationships, family, self. As our lives evolve, we adapt to the environment around us to be the most effective. Our innate skill for multitasking serves us well during these times. We seek out like minded women who can share in the experience through networks and sacred circles. Women strive to maintain personal balance through each adaptation, transition and re-invention. There is much to be gained in the sharing of wisdom during these times.

Whether the need is for local recommendations for getting settled in unfamiliar territory, or the transition from one stage of career to another, or finding support through a challenging life experience, the connection is the same. I believe strongly in simplifying the process by opening the channels across network, organization, culture and geography for women to connect based on their ability and interest in sharing and learning from one another. Our experiences make us unique but not alone.

Working with educational technology tools in the early 1990’s, I was fascinated by the potential to connect globally. Now with mobile access, we have the opportunity to reach previously isolated groups. This is all thanks to technology. The Internet removes cultural and personal barriers that previously limited interaction from one group to another. By harnessing the power of the Internet in a tool to connect women across traditional barriers, we come closer to our vision each day.

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