06 June 2007

Sharing Wisdom in a Vacuum

As an entrepreneur, living in a foreign land, working online with virtual teams in other time zones, I have to admit, I have been caught in a vacuum once or twice. I am writing about this, because as I share this with other entrepreneurs, I find that I am not at all alone. We all have moments where that despite our passion for our work, we crave human interaction and immediate feedback.

I must say that Skype has been heaven during development. Just keeping the video call going after the conference call ends, keeps that camaraderie that is missing. After all there is nothing like someone catching you laughing at yourself for your writing something silly. In fact it makes you feel completely human.

We now are embarking on the testing of the prototype. It is great to get direct feedback and begin to contribute and experience what you all will eventually get to enjoy. Meeting with people, I am reminded to practice what I preach and follow my instincts. If I need feedback, so do those around me. Thank you ladies. After all, we are in the information age not the 50s, we should never need to be stuck in vacuum again, unless we choose to be.

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