22 June 2007


As an entrepreneur whose vision is to help women around the world achieve their personal balance, I feel obliged to admit that I need balance. I have been a passionate practitioner of ashtanga vinyasa yoga for the last five years. After an injury set me back this winter, I found my solice in filling my yoga time with more hours in the office. This, albeit great for building a business, was not very good for my soul.

It was a wonderful winter of enjoying fine food and wine and sitting far to much on my derriere (despite biking to and from work, even through snow). I find myself far too reliant on the rush from caffeine instead of the energy I gain from being fit. I no longer fit in my formerly loose fitting summer clothes. So, alas, I am finally admitting to myself “enough.”

Why do I share this with you, you might ask? We all have experienced something like this at one point or another. And I, for one, am with you sister. My vision for 2BalanceU, was somewhat selfish in it roots. I wanted something like it, and then decided to apply my experience and network to create it instead of waiting to it to happen miraculously on its own. But that does not mean that I am the vision of balance. I strive for it, and sometimes I feel close. But the best that I can do is to “walk the talk” and help others find the tools to do the same.

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