18 April 2008

Patronising Women in Advertising

Is it that much of a mystery that smart women wish to be treated as is they have they have more to offer than their charm and looks? I certainly hope not. Recently I have been disappointed by mainstream sites that dumb-down their advertising that is positioned towards women. Have they not read the latest research or listened to the their audience? So why is that when I do a Google search on "smart women" I get pictures of scantily clad teenage girls. Is this smart? BlogHer has a great post on antiquated Paper Towel adverts. I guess it is simply a reaction, and we all need a break from intense thought now and again, purely for entertainment's sake. But communicate and entertain us with humour that gives cause for thought and action, not disgust or pity.

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Mahalakshmi Vishwanathan said...

Hi! I agree that many ads, even those in India,from where I come,are condescending to women. But you see, advertising is all about sticking to stereotypes. Hmm...you have a nice blog, nice idea of connectig with women around the world. My own e-mail address is poppyleaves@gmail.com.