16 April 2009

BPW Malmö Open House Success

Thanks ladies for a fabulous kick off event. Finally we have an active BPW Malmö: an exciting internationally focused platform for empowering business and professional women to achieve their leadership potential. I am once again reminded of the dynamism of the women in the growing community of Öresund. Anna Arwidson of AbScen once again did a fabulous job with her workshop breaking down the elements of communication. Movement and laughter always help to create a memorable experience. I was delighted to see our guests from neighboring clubs Helsingborg and Kristianstad to make the kick off a real success. I look forward to seeing great things and creating great things here with BPW Malmö.


Björn Bergman said...

Varmt lycka till med den nya organisationen i Malmö. En viktig uppgift för er, tycker jag, är att synliggöra fler kompetenta kvinnor i alla sammanhang! Ni behövs överallt!
Bästa hälsningar
Björn Bergman
Malmö stad

Heidi said...

Thanks Björn, We are working on it! Watch out, here we come!
Cheers, Heidi