28 October 2009

Solidarity Unobserved is Destructive

Women Behaving Badly from Pink Magazine 2006I have been holding off on writing this post, because I try to look at the positive in every situation. But life is now always a bed of roses, and even if it is, there can be thorns. In my work I teach effective networking and collaborative techniques and tools. I meet many wonderful people and I am inspired by everyone of them in different ways. We all have our reasons, be it a bad day or simply a personality conflict. My good intentions can be perceived as aggressive or controlling. When I am passionate about the work that I am doing, I tend to go full speed, which may not be the pace of those observing or taking part. So, I admit, this may be brought on by myself. None of us are perfect, after all, certainly not me.

The purpose of this post, is rather to "get it off my chest" as well as to remind others to think about the impact of their actions and reactions. It saddens me to think that my behavior might cause someone reason to be mean and disrespectful. Especially when they do not simply impact me, but others who benefit from my work. I don't care if everyone likes me, after all I don't like everyone either. If we spend all our time pleasing everyone, someone always gets burned, and we burn out. But I do try to be considerate of others and the impact of my actions, regardless of whether I "like" them or not.

I will not name any names and do not need to, as that is not the point here. But I ask that each of you in response take a moment to think before you act. Try to understand the intentions on those with whom you interact before reacting. We can accomplish so much more together when we do just that. It is more productive and far more enjoyable. I promise I will do the same.

Interesting article on Women Behaving Badly in Pink Magazine has some great ideas and thoughts on this topic. (note: image above from this article)

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