22 January 2009

2BalanceU in Transition and Still Alive

We are experiencing some transition pains while we move our development closer to home in Sweden. 2BalanceU is experiencing what we all go through during transitions (just perhaps more publicly).

Funny how this whole vision started by the idea that we can ease the many life and professional transitions by knowledge sharing with peers. Yes, transitions and the imbalance that they create was the root. So here we are two years later going through the imbalance of a global transition. It uproots, shifts around the contents, changes the priorities based on things we learned along the way. Out with the old unused. In with the new where needed. Fix things or throw them away.

Thank you all for your notes of concern that 2BalanceU might have gone off-line. We will be back soon. Look forward to a new 2BU with more relevant peer recommendations from aggregated sources around the Internet in an easier and more accessible format.

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