29 January 2008

Where are the Women at Davos?!

I am disappointed to see such a poor showing of women at Davos, yet again. Yes, all good things come in time. I do know that because of my work, I am aware of far more women doing amazing things in their communities, companies and countries than the average person. But, my goodness, can't they be a little more creative. I am not saying they should invite women that are not of interest or qualified. What I am saying is that they should look around. If the old boy's network at the World Economic Forum wants to stay ahead, they need to let women have a greater voice and participation. They would have benefited by participation of Riane Einsler, Amany Asfour, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Hon. Sarmite D. Bulte, to name a few who work with passion to advocate the economic empowerment of women and reverse the human brain drain. Let us be sure that in the future, the voices are heard, not only at women's conferences, but at all. As we are in this together.


Michael Leander said...

Great post, Heidi.

Michael Leander

Ann Fry, Head Boomer said...

I wish you well with this site... it looks like it will be wonderful. Nice entry. There are wonderful women out there working to empower and make a difference with women ... in their lives, in their work and more.
Keep on expressing yourself.

may said...

Merely to be eligible for an invitation, a corporate leader must pay an annual fee of 42,500 Swiss francs, or nearly $39,000. On top of that, he or she has to pay an additional $20,000 or so to attend the conference. (That's just the cost of admission — private planes, limousines and fancy ski outfits are, of course, extra.)