21 September 2007


I am dedicating this post to my sisters, who I adore. They have been a constant inspiration to me. I just learned that Suki can pull of 5" heels at an art gallery opening. I am really impressed now. Not that the heels are the inspiration, but rather the stamina to wear them. Despite her being a chiropractor by training (which I think my chiropractor recommended flats), she continues to defy gravity.

My wonderful, younger and more sassy sister, I do not see enough of to have a current photo. Laura has taught me so much about just living in the moment and remembering to smile.

No matter how high or how low I get in this life, be it my career, my relationship with my spouse or my children, they are unconditionally supportive. For one who has moved around the globe, it means so much to me to know that there is a judgment free place to return to. That is not to say they don't call me on my bad behavior. But I know that when they do, it is done with love. I feel blessed to have a sisters like them.

Thank you so much for your love, your patience, your endurance and your you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. Sister here. The one who it is alleged defy's gravity. Sadly that is only in the shoe department.

Thought I could not let it slide that the other sister was noted as being the one who is more sassy. She may be more sexy but she sure aint more sassy :)

Thank you for honoring me in your blog and good luck and good fortune to you in your launch.

With love,
Every supportive, sassy, and gravitationally challenged sister Suki