22 September 2009


Another Business and Professional Women (BPW)Congress completed and more great memories and inspiration collected and shared. The European Congress took place in Munich and gathered members from members from around the map. Thanks to the hosting committee for their wonderful efforts and the attendees of my workshop on Social Media for Non-Profits for their enthusiastic participation. Liz Benham, BPW International President, emphasized the importance of participation and having a voice and sharing best practice.

Marianne Platnner spoke of the mentoring task force and the ideals of successful mentoring programs. She depicted it beautifully with the tandem bike in that the mentee (in front) steers and the mentor (in back) helps when the come to a steep hill, but for the most part it is mutual effort.

Sabine Schmeltzer said it best when she presented BPW Switzerland's their "Code of Solidarity" and "Just do it" program at the BPW Europe Congress in Munich. We sometimes need to be reminded not to be our own worst enemy.

"Code of Solidarity"
1. Say "No" to negative thoughts and jealousy
2. Be proactive - take the first step
3. Speak up when women are put down
4. Help uncover women's hidden potential
5. Always play fair
6. Be objective, don't get personal
7. Support other women whenever possible
8. Praise openly and unsparingly

"Just do it"
1. Overcome restrictive doctrines
2. Recognize your strengths and discover your potential
3. Pursue your goals. Don't get discouraged by set-backs
4. Stick to your opinion and set limits
5. Resist perfectionism
6. Convey presence and competence
7. Seize your chances
8. Put yourself in the spotlight
9. Celebrate your success
10. Use your network for support


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